Talk and bodies in interaction


My research interests centre around talk-and-bodies-in-interaction – widely speaking. Using ethnomethodological conversation analysis (EMCA) as my main methodological framework, I’m interested in how it is possible for participants to make sense in interaction. For some time now, I’ve been interested in how participants’ understanding of the ongoing interaction is made visible to the co-participants (and hence to us) through bodily resources such as body posture, gaze and gesture (for more information see multimodality).

Recently, I have become interested in sense-making in shared public space and in particular the interplay of various types of ‘movers’. Traffic is essentially social where formal traffic rules are only one resource among which we organise and manage safe passage. See more under shared public space.

Additionally, I’m interested in learning and pedagogy. Since I’m primarily working with second and foreign language learners, the learning aspect of my research has primarily been related to second and foreign language learning and teaching (for more information see classroom interaction).

I work as a ad hoc reviewer for a number of international scientific journals including Journal of Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics, Research on Language and Social Interaction, Classroom Discourse, Discourse ProcessesLanguage Learning, Journal of Applied Linguistics, Nordand, IRAL and Semiotica.

I’m a member of the editorial board of Classroom Discourse.